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Mary is a rare blend of professionalism, perceptiveness and agility. She is able to view a situation at a strategic level while maintaining compassion for individual situations. More

Jeannette Opalski, Director Human Resources, CSR Technologies Inc.

"Anna's collaborative approach not only produced better results, but also ones we bought into . . . we had a sense of true partnership in the process, rather than being its passive participants.” More

Steve Marshall, VP Claims, California State Automobile Association

Our Services

Success in today's business environment depends on your organization's ability to respond nimbly to change and to shape its future with innovation and imagination. E&W support you in four critical areas to build the capabilities you need to create competitive advantage:

Our Approach

Collaborate: E&W partner with you to design and implement needed changes. And, our collaborative approach builds ownership and acceptance of these changes throughout the organization.

Customize: We tailor our services to suit your company's specific operating style, circumstances and opportunities. We look for ways to capitalize on your organizational strengths and integrate productive change initiatives into your current operations.

Provide an external perspective: As external consultants we bring fresh, impartial insights. Our independence allows us to raise tough, challenging questions and surface otherwise "undiscussable" issues that block effective action. Through our experience with many different client organizations we can also provide you with extensive knowledge of best (and worst) practices.

Encourage organizational learning: We prepare your organization to sustain itself over time by building change capacity not as a single event, but as an on-going skill to be learned and internalized. Our collaborative approach ensures the transfer of skills and knowledge required to deal effectively with new challenges once our work has been completed.